Studio Supply Shelves

What you need:
ScotchBlue ™ Painter’s Tape
3M™ SandBlaster™ Pro
3M™ Safety Products – Safety Glasses
3M™ Paint Sanding Valved Respirator
Miniwax® White Wash Wood Stain 5ft boards (min are 10” deep)
L Brackets Screws (and anchors if drilling into a hollow wall)
Paint brushes
Measuring tape

What to do:
Start by sanding your 5ft boards with 3M™ SandBlaster™ Pro. (Make sure to wear your 3M™ Paint Sanding Valved Respirator and
3M™ Safety Glasses)
Next paint each with Miniwax® White Wash Wood Stain. Do multiple coats until the desired color is achieved. Finish with a Polyurethane coat.
While your boards are drying, measure out the unit on the wall, marking each shelf and location of brackets (this took some brain power, math skills and a few miss-drilled holes) Make sure to use a level to avoid crooked shelves!
Next, drill holes for the hollow wall archers, then insert each anchor before screwing the brackets into the wall.
Once brackets are up place your shelves on them.
Secure shelves by drilling a short screw through the bracket into the bottom of each board.
Using the ScotchBlue ™ Painter’s Tape, I gave my boards a little pop of color tomatch my DIY Sawhorse Desk. Prop with your boxes of supplies, plants and DIY creations. Done!

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