Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

What you need:
Scotch™ Chalkboard Tape
Vinyl letters

What to do:
First, Measure and mark placement of the calendar on your wall. We made each date 4″ long with an inch space all around each date, then added an additional row  below for notes, and above the days of the week to write the month.
Next, cut the 4″ pieces of Chalkboard Tape.
Peel off the backing, and stick each piece of tape on the wall in place.
Stick your letters above each row to signify days of the week.
Draw on your number and notes using chalk and stickies. Done!

Heads up! This product is not recommended for direct use on walls as stated on the package. I used this as a temporary solution for I Spy DIY’s studio. You may risk damage to the paint on your wall when removing the product. Try doing the same steps can be made on a piece of poster board, white painted wood, etc.
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